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Questions and answers about the new building

Why do we need a new library?

After 100 years in the building on Monument Square the Library has completely outgrown its quarters. For every new item acquired, one must be removed and still the shelves are overloaded. The Montrose building serves as a supplemental resource for other county system facilities, offering expanded reference tools and items not available at the other locations. Many of the services expected of a 21st century library were not even conceived of when the current building was built and cannot be accommodated. The new facility will be a community center with space for meetings and group activities concurrent with quiet reading or study. There will be room for more computer terminals, a necessity in today’s world, and there will be adequate parking.

Why can’t the library stay in the center of Montrose Borough?

Over the past 10 years, the Board of Trustees has undertaken an exhaustive study of all possible locations. Montrose Borough is a fully developed village of landmark worthy buildings. There is no suitable location of 3 acres to accommodate a 21st century library facility and the necessary attendant parking. It is, therefore, not surprising that all locations suggested and investigated proved to be inadequate or unavailable. Development along the Route 706 corridor is the logical area for growth. That is the accessible area to accommodate businesses and institutions that require substantial space.

What will the new library cost?

Projections based on current construction costs indicate a figure of $4 million.

Where will the money come from?

We will be looking to county residents (both full and part time), former residents (including appreciative graduates of our school system), current and former library trustees, businesses and foundations.

Will my taxes go up?

It is our goal that the project have no tax implications for our residents. We will be conducting a parallel campaign to raise an endowment of at least one million dollars to support the operation of the new library. Planned giving (remembering the library in one’s estate planning) can be a major source of this endowment.

Why should I pledge to the campaign? What about the contributions I already make to the library and Historical Society?

In this rural county, the library is an essential resource for our residents. Our forebears recognized this 100 years ago. It is our duty to similarly provide for the generations to come and to underwrite the creation of an institution that is crucial to the educational, cultural and economic development of the County. Contributions you already make to the Library and historical society are necessary to support the day-to-day operations of the two organizations. While these donations are vital and greatly appreciated, they are not available to provide the dollars necessary to build a new facility.

Who will control the funds raised for this campaign?

Separate fund accounts have been established to receive all gifts and grants for the project. These accounts will be included in the library’s annual independent financial audit.

Are pledges tax deductible?

While pledges, per se, are not deductible, the payments made on the pledges are deductible in the year they are made to the extent permitted by law. For advice and guidance on this issue please consult your tax advisor.

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